Our Team


Larry Mueller

  • Single Engine Land/Rotorcraft with 750 hours PIC

  • Working toward IFR/Commercial/CFI… teacher at heart hoping to teach again soon

  • Serving sentence for sins as a child by being 3H4 Airport Authority President for over 20 years

  • Lived through building and flying a gyroplane (both my life and marriage)

  • Favorite airplane… every single one that I get a spot to sit up front!!!

Lori M Shoulders_preview.jpeg

Lori Moen

17 years of banking experience

  • Aircraft customers are a joy to work with! I enjoy helping make their dreams come true

  • Married almost 30 years to husband, Myran with three wonderful children

  • I enjoy spending time with family, vacations and relaxing on the deck in the summer

  • Tell me a joke when you call me – if you can make me laugh, I’ll send you a free microfiber windshield cleaning rag

  • I love traveling. Always looking for an available jump seat. Preferably to the places I want to go.

Randy Shoulders_preview.jpeg

Randy Aarestad

President/CEO of RRSB since 1978

  • CFI/Commercial Pilot/Multi Engine/Seaplane/Instrument, with over 6,000 hours as PIC

  • AOPA/EAA/American Bonanza Society/MN Seaplane Association/Recreational Aviation Foundation member

  • Airport Authority Member – Hillsboro Regional Airport (3H4) & Fertile Municipal Airport (D14)

  • Past Board Member – North Dakota Aviation Council

  • Landed in 43 states, 9 Canadian provinces

  • Best guess at how many times he has flown to fish in Canada: 50

  • Best guess at how many times he has told his wife about fishing in Canada: 30

  • Has flown to the Arctic Circle in a 185 floatplane 4 times to camp

  • Random Fact: I am a certified Ice Diver.

Danielle Shoulders_preview.jpeg

Danielle Harless

Over 10 years Loan Officer experience

  • EAA/AOPA member/ MN Seaplane Association

  • Commercial Pilot/Seaplane/Instrument/Tail dragger, just shy of 700 hours TT as PIC

  • Had my share of “oh-crap” moments flying.

    • Engine sudden stoppage over a large lake.

    • Icing over another Great Lake….in the clouds.

    • I touched the gear switch while on the ground once. Nothing happened.

    • I have specifically flown at ‘high’ altitude to have passengers sleep (radio peace)

  • Landed in 27 different States, 28 if you include Canada, which I can see from my porch

  • PIC to Oshkosh 6 times (1x Bonanza, 1x Cessna 182, 2x Cherokee Six, 2x Piper J3 cub)

  • Favorite aircraft to fly: 1941 J3 Cub

  • Aircraft I will own one day: an Air Cam….with an insulated canopy. Hail MN!

Charles Shoulders_preview.jpeg

Charles Aarestad

Over 7 years Loan Officer experience

  • Private Pilot/Seaplane/High-Performance/ Complex with over 180 hours PIC

  • Working on Instrument Rating

  • Landed in 12 States and 2 Canadian Provinces

  • Favorite Aircraft: Amphibious Piper Super Cub PA-18-180 Wipaire 2100 Floats

  • Over 60 Hours logged of Canadian Wilderness Seaplane ‘recurrent training’.

  • I have experienced premature GPS failure in the mountains. Saved by a cell phone w/foreflight.

  • I catch really big fish.

  • Volunteer Fireman (7 years)