About Airloan.com

WE ARE PILOTS, so we understand how important your dream of owning an aircraft is

Airloan.com is the aircraft financing division of Red River State Bank.        WE ARE A BANK, so there is no middle man involved. One of our loan officers will work directly with you from start to finish. 


At Airloan.com we have a focus on: 


Red River State Bank has been in business for more than 100 years. We are here to stay. At Airloan.com, we provide dependable service you can trust and count on for years to come.

Customer Service

A real person will greet you when you call airloan.com. The majority of our loan officers are pilots. With almost 20 years in the aircraft financing market, our experience and knowledge allow us to give you the excellent customer service experience you deserve. 

Timely Service

We’re not a broker – we are a bank.  We write the loan here… we make the decisions here. There are no broker fees when you work direct with us.

General Aviation

Since we are pilots, we have an inborn fondness for aviation.  Tell us about your dream of owning your own airplane – we’ve had the same dream, too… and live it every day!